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PCSX2 Tutorial

Around PCSX2PCSX2 was the very first PlayStation 2 emulator. Through continuous development, it’s remained the best one around! Game compatibility is large. It conveniently comes equipped with its own plug-ins, which is customized. PCSX2 requires a fast computer in order to operate well. You might have trouble with it if you’re using a budget notebook or a Windows tablet.

With different emulators you can get away with using your keyboard for gameplay. However, with PCSX2 it’s pretty difficult, provided the PlayStation 2 controller’s miniature joysticks. I strongly advise buying a gamepad for this emulator.

Do not download PCSX2 out of their Website The downloading of PCSX2 in the official homepage has not been updated in years. Rather, you are going to discover the most latest releases of the emulator from the’automatic assembles’ page.

Intro to plug-in system

PlayStation 2 emulation revolves round the plug-in system. The same system employed by PlayStation 1 and N64 emulators. PlayStation emulators are merely the shell of the operation.

PCSX2 already comes equipped with plug-ins, so you don’t need to worry about downloading them individually and configuring them. I want to assess different types of plug-ins with you. It’s fantastic to be educated with how the emulator functions. Here is the list of these:

This controls the images and 3D rendering. PAD – the control plugin. This controls how you control your games; if you use a computer keyboard or a gamepad. SPU2 – the audio plug in. This controls the music and sound effects. CDVD – the CD/DVD plug-in. This controls the scanning of your CDs/DVDs or images. This controllers USB emulation. This controls the firewire port of the PlayStation 2. DEV9 – the hard disk & Ethernet plug in. Note that you don’t have to stick with the plug-ins that arrive with PCSX2. You might find better ones on the market if you Google around.


The PlayStation 2 BIOS is necessary to be able to boot up games. This is another download once you’ve downloaded PCSX2. Below you may download this BIOS.

Download by right-clicking the download link and proceed to Save Link As. If you don’t see the file expansion, try showing them.


Newer versions of PCSX2 are just standalone apps in a zip file. Older versions of PCSX2 install via a wizard. I’ll explain both situations.

Setup is easy: just extract PCSX2 out of its zip file. Here’s a video tutorial showing you : how to unzip files on Windows.

IMPORTANT! PCSX2 must be set in a common folder on your computer. I recommend Documents, Downloads, or make a folder on your desktop computer. If you place PCSX2 someplace else on your main C drive, then you may be restricting it to unsubscribe accessibility. Doing this prevents PCSX2 from storing anything.

Employing the setup wizard (older versions)

  • Double-click on the install EXE for PCSX2. It is going to look something like
  • The”Pick Components” box is going to be the very first screen to pop up: Leave everything checked and click on Next.
  • The installation will proceed. You’ll be prompted with this particular box to Visual C++: Put a check that you read the terms  and click on Install.
  • PCSX2 is installed! But we are not done yet. Read the next section about what to do when you start PCSX2 for the first time.

First Time Configuration + BIOS setup

  1. Open PCSX2 by double-clicking on . If you installed PCSX2 having an install wizard, then you would start it by going to your  Start menu (your programs list) and start up PCSX2 there.
  2. PCSX2 welcomes you with the Very First Time Configuration screen. Click Next.
  3. The next display only reviews the plug-ins which come with PCSX2. You don’t have to do anything . Click Next.
  4. Next is the BIOS screen. Click Open in Explorer, as shown below:
  5. You’ll be prompted with a”This route does not exist. Create it? ” window. Click Create.
  6. Now minimize this”First Time Configuration” window. Note the path in which the BIOS folder is found. Open up that folder. PCSX2 BIOS download if you have not already, unzip it, and drag its contents into the BIOS folder. It should look something  similar to below: It is very important that you match the above screenshot on your end. Don’t place the BIOS files in a sub  folder inside the BIOS folder! Click the Refresh list button (circled below). You should now see the Europe, Japan, and USA  BIOS files look in the white box.
  • Click on your desired country to choose it. Then click Finish.
  • That’s it! PCSX2 is now completely configured and installed.

Setting up the keyboard or gamepad

Normally emulators have all the keyboard keys preconfigured, but PCSX2’s keys are a clean slate the first time you open it! You don’t have any choice but to configure them. Again, I recommend you to buy a gamepad because the PlayStation 2 controller has a lot of buttons.

Employing a PS2, PS3, or Xbox control

PCSX2 doesn’t require any particular directions for using a PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, or Xbox controller. On the other hand, the very first time you plug one into your computer it has to be properly setup or requires special instruction for connecting. There are lots of movies on YouTube showing you how to do this:

  • How to setup a PlayStation 2 controller onto a PC
  • How to set up a PlayStation 3 controller on a PC
  • How to connect an Xbox controller into a PC

Loading a True PS2 game You Have

Loading a real PlayStation 2 game that you own is incredibly straightforward. Just pop the game in, wait for a few minutes, then in PCSX2 visit System > Boot CDVD (full).

But, I don’t recommend playing your games via your DVD-ROM drive. PCSX2 is a rather demanding emulator on your CPU. Running the game from your DVD-ROM drive will slow down it and reduce its own performance. Rather, I recommend ripping your match to an ISO. I have directions for this right below.

Backing up your PS2 game to ISO

It’s a common sort of ISO format.

  1. Download & install ImgBurn (it’s free). You can download ImgBurn from the ImgBurn homepage. *If you have an anti-virus such as AVG, it may flag ImgBurn for comprising adware. Do not panic – it does not contain adware!
  2.  This warning is false. All that ImgBurn does is show you advertisements throughout the setup wizard (which is why AVG falsely  flags it). ImgBurn is 100% safe.
  3. Upon opening ImgBurn, click Create image file from disk, as shown here.
  4. Make sure the appropriate source drive is put in”Source”, then click the Read icon – as shown here.
  5. That is it! Ripping your game CD will require maybe 20-30 minutes. By default, ImgBurn will throw the BIN file (the ISO) to Records .

Finding ISOs

Inside my links pageI have some excellent links to sites where you are able to download ISOs. If you want to attempt to find more sites than what’s in my set of links, just Google around. For instance, if you would like to download Shadow of the Colossus only Google”download shadow of the colossus ps2″.

However, an even greater use of Google is to search Reddit. People upload PlayStation 2 matches to cloud platforms all of the time. You will only find these hyperlinks to these valuable tools on Reddit. Try search phrases such as”reddit download playstation two “.